Thursday, 25 December 2008

RUMOUR to XMAS Views of EUreferendum


In view of a studied self importance that would seem to have little grounding in either reality or fact you may wish to study a range of views covering the Rumours to Xmas

To date I can only see the same vision, intelligence and policies as can already found in The British Conservative Party.

So it is Tory Light with an Irish lilt - Political Shandy - little political nouse and nothing new there then!

I might have had more optimism had I seen the name of Professor Anthony Coghlan amongst either the credits or the plaudits, so well earned in the first Irish Referendum, but sadly I note only that willey old profiteer Jens Bonde. No signs of political vision, no sign of philanthropy just Tory Light with one man's cash flow and the desperate hopes of a leaderless mass who are rightly desperate - in the ligth of the utter incompetence of the political leadership we suffer.

Would that Mr. Ganley's ambitions were rather better informed and offered values beyond the small minded objections to the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty as it pertains to Catholic Ireland?

We need another Political Party with ambition and little vision like we need a hole in the head!

Consider the cost of Politicians already and it is openly stated by Libertas that it is their belief that they can change The EU from within - where have we heard that before:

could it be Labour 'we must take our position at the centre of The EU to have maximum influence'

perhaps Tory 'In The EU but not ruled by The EU'

Sorry - Declan Ganley and those Libertas seem to be attracting are self seekers NOT leaders, dreamers NOT visionaries. Disaffected Tories, mainly those who failed to influence the Tory Party and believe, wrongly, that they can influence Ganley's hirelings; also a generous smattering of Tories realising they will 'never make it' in the Tory Party plus many who tried UKIP but watched it fail primarily because it too was made up of Tory failures.

You need only look at Libertas' web site to understand this is a commercial operation being neither intellectual or visionary - even the marketing skills are clearly limited but no doubt the sales gimmicks vending tele benefits, broadband facilities, web design and phone systems will at least cover any costs Mr. Ganley may incur. Already every aspect of the web site is defensive seeking to justify - read their own material - it would seem to have chosen already to fail!

Are there not more responsible ways to ensure Irish girls have to travel abroad for abortions?

Why are the Irish, particularly, so determined to emmulate Islam and deny its women the right of self determination and destiny over their own bodies, what is their mutual fear of women that they are not allowed choice?

Does it really matter where people choose to fail? Grant them Libertas!

Greg L-W.

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