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I incline to ask is Declan Ganley a Naive Fool or a Duplicitous Rascal - It is hard to see him in any other way!

Libertas seems not only to be beset with amateurism, or is it shamateurism. Libertas is at best seemingly founded on fantasies but at worst on arrogant hubris on a level that can only be seen as morally reprehensible.

It comes as no surprise to see many of the types it is attracting and who they are - all too willing to dump their previous so called principles having sniffed at the oily rag of personal gain!

It still looks in every way to be Tory Policies with Irish catholic Abortion laws in denial of the rights of women! Sort of Tory lite with Irish lilt - a froth of pleasant bubbles but little substance - a political shandy that will attract political children and venal failures from other parties!

Naïve or just plain arrogant?

It takes a really arrogant man to describe himself as being naive, adding immediately that being naive, if you are also ambitious, may not be the worst thing. Sometimes you just have to take your lance, charge downhill and to hell with the consequences.

There was much more sub-military language in Declan Ganley's address to the
Henry Jackson Society last Tuesday and in the subsequent discussion; much talk of holding the line, leaving the trenches, the Irish people ("not me, it was the people") being the advance guard that needs the support of the rest of the people of Europe. [And yes, I know, I should have written about it before but other matters intervened.]

In parenthesis it should be noted that as far as Declan Ganley is concerned there is no difference between the EU and Europe and democracy means asking the people of Europe, whatever that might be, though he did acknowledge that there is no pan-European politics as yet. I shall return to this extraordinary muddle in thinking.

Several minutes went on a fiery announcement that he, Declan Ganley, was prepared to make any sacrifice to achieve his aim of restoring [sic] democracy to the European project. There is nothing more "they" can do to him.

In fact, "they" have not done much to him anyway, except for calling him names. Big deal! Some of us have had to put with that for some time, on occasion losing jobs for not toeing the line. Hardly great sacrifices, particularly as some of the shocking names he was called were "eurosceptic" and "anti-European". As risk and sacrifice go, facing up to those words does not come very high on my list.Of course, said Mr Ganley, almost succeeding in looking modest, other people have made far greater sacrifices for democracy.

Nevertheless, he managed to draw an implicit parallel between himself and an (unnamed) commander of the Continental Army at Yorktown (not, I presume, Washington) who ordered a devastating artillery fire at his own home, suspecting that General Cornwallis had made it his headquarters.

What there was a shortage of in the talk and subsequent discussion is coherence in
Libertas's stance. Just what is it Mr Ganley (oops, sorry he did say call him Declan because Mr Ganley is his father) wants to achieve? I managed to ask two questions, introducing myself as being from EUReferendum, clearly an unfamiliar name to Mr Ganley Declan. Congratulating him on his readiness to make any sacrifice for the cause I wondered whether it might not be wasted.

Even if the Lisbon Treaty fails and even if Libertas gains a large number of seats in the Toy European Parliament, almost all that he dislikes about the EU - lack of accountability, European legislation trumping national, European citizenship - would still be in place.

Indeed, they are integral parts of the European project, which Mr Ganley Declan, according to his own repeated comments, supports.

Is he suggesting that the Consolidated Treaties should be torn up and a completely new structure created?No, of course, not. Mr Ganley Declan is not, he assured us, a revolutionary (though he is ambitious and ready to take risks). The revolutionaries are those who sit in Brussels and create a system that takes power away from the people.

Though that statement had the air of being thought of at the last minute, it is closer to the truth than Mr Ganley Declan suspects - the European project is a revolutionary one. The problem is that it is more coherent than Libertas who seems to have no other spokespersons, gives it credit.

To say, as Mr Ganley Declan did, that the problem is the Lisbon Treaty and there is no need for it because we still have the Nice Treaty and then to talk about the need for democracy is to exhibit a terrifying lack of knowledge.

However, he did explain that his main aim in getting himself and others of his ilk into the European Parliament is to ensure that people like me had a voice because at present we have none. They are not listening to people like me.

They are not exactly listening to people like him, either, but Mr Ganley Declan obviously has a slight touch of the Obama about him. No, they are not listening and they are not democratic but once he is in the European Parliament, all will change because he is not prepared just to sit there and let business as usual carry on.

I did not bother to ask him what he was going to do about it in the Toy European Parliament because it was quite clear that he saw himself as considerably more savvy and knowledgeable about the EU (despite all evidence to the contrary). In fact, I was waiting for him to tell me not to bother my little head about it because he will ensure that my voice will be heard.

My other question was about the European President, something Mr Ganley Declan finds abhorrent, particularly as the people of Europe have not been asked whether they want one. The people of Britain, he proclaimed in ringing tones, should have a choice in this matter; they should be asked whether they want a European President.

Very well, said I, suppose the people of Britain are asked and vote against the idea; but suppose across Europe the people of it vote in favour; we shall get a European President whether we like it or not.

I am sorry to say that Mr Ganley Declan did not answer the question, possibly because he was too busy assuring everyone that he was not a withdrawalist, not a revolutionary and not a eurosceptic. In fact, he wanted to save the European project because if it carries on the way it is going, there will be serious calls in many countries for withdrawal and that would be a tragedy.

This was one of the themes of his talk. The European project, in his opinion has come a long way and must not be undermined by those in Brussels who want to put an anti-democratic spin on it; who are shocked by the fact that people, who ought to be the owners of this project, do not want to march in lockstep with them.

If they are allowed to go their own way, the withdrawalists will become strong and the project will disintegrate.

The problem with that is, as all our readers will instantly realize, that the project never had a democratic aspect to it. Clearly Mr Ganley Declan has never read
a certain book that the boss and his colleague, Christopher Booker, wrote, in which they clearly explain the anti-democratic nature of the project from the very beginning.

Now, this would not matter if one said openly that democracy is a so-so idea, a recent and not very successful experiment and, maybe, it is best to move on. But that is not what Mr Ganley Declan is saying.

He sees himself as the man whose appointed role it is to restore democracy to "Europe" or the European project.

We do not need the Lisbon Treaty, which has all those undemocratic and even anti-democratic ideas in it; we already have the Nice Treaty and can go back to it. Presumably, he has not read the Nice Treaty either and has forgotten that the Irish voters tried rejecting it once but were bullied and cheated into voting it through. Hardly the behaviour of a democracy.

No wonder he did not answer my question about the European President.

Furthermore, Mr Ganley Declan keeps talking about the people of Europe and the need for them to have their democratic rights restored and to speak up about the way these are being stolen from them.

Those who are doing the stealing, we were told several times, are using the well-tried method of "divide and conquer". They ask the people of individual member states and discard those results if they are not the ones the eurocrats want to hear.

Now, if only the people of Europe united and stood up to these dastardly tactics …Well, what? It seems Mr Ganley Declan does not understand exactly what he is saying.

At best he believes in a perestroika:
if we change things a little bit here and there the whole project will miraculously become what we always wanted it to be. Except that it was not clear to me or to a number of people in the audience what the aim of the exercise is – just what is it Mr Ganley Declan wants to achieve beyond getting a group of like-minded and woolly-minded individuals into the Toy European Parliament.

He was also very coy about his plans in the UK and one cannot help feeling that he is leaving the putting together of his pan-European list of candidates (the only one, as he proudly explained) very late. Those elections are in June.

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quite clearly yet another muddle in Libertas - there seems to be no clear leadership with muddled thinking all around. Hardly surprising I guess as even the Ganley bit seem utterly confused with media in Eire and internationally querying whether Libertas is over stating its role in the Lisbon Constitution treaty rejection in Eire but the media seems to be waking up to the fact that Libertas just lacks any clear joined up thinking.

This is NOT a matter purely of political naiivitee but arrogant stupidit - consider that a commercial achiever like Ganley being so flattered by the attention in politics yet forgetting to bring sound commercial intelligence to his new toy!

Consider the fact that a Czech part sets up using his name but not under his control, The Faragista Fan Club steals a march and the foul mouthed Ms. Rowe has registered Libertas as a Ltd. company in Britain - just a bit of wrecking tactic by EUkip, which is possibly their greatest single competence - just look at how Farage and his cronies have wrecked UKIP!

Then again Ganley's IT crew have failed to secure their name on the internet and the Blogosphere was under way before his supporting blog was in place!

Astonishingly it would seem that although no serious IT control is likely to escape from Ganley's main company in Eire but it does seem unwise to permit an individual to become his mouthpiece without securing control of the site.

Perhaps Declan Ganley has no long term vision and is merely playing at politics - perhaps it is good for his trade with Russia or will pay off with timber contracts or? or? or?

All I can tell you is that it strikes me as farcical to take on Piers Bonde as his right hand man and adviser and let us face it who would be duped into trusting Anthony Butcher further than they could kick him - to try to set up a political party with no foundation in integrity, no clear morality and the censorship of Anthony Butcher - next he will drag in his unprincipled pals from failing in EUkip!

Two Czech eurosceptic parties to run in EU elections[fr]

Published: Friday 13 February 2009

Eurosceptic groups are gearing up to run in the upcoming European elections in the Czech Republic. Two new political parties have registered since the beginning of the year, one of which has links to the controversial pan-European Libertas party.

Vladimír Železný's and Petr Mach's Party of Free Citizens (SSO) are both newly-formed eurosceptic parties planning to run candidates in the upcoming EU elections, which will be held on 5 and 6 June. is understood to be a sister party of Declan Ganley's However, it was founded by highly controversial MEP Vladimir Zelezny without the prior formal approval of Declan Ganley or his party headquarters in Brussels.

Železný distanced himself from Ganley, saying: "We have our own Ganley and he is totally consistent. It's Václav Klaus." Zelezny sees the Czech president as the "intellectual leader of all who point at the desperate lack of democracy in the EU" . is seeking to cooperate with the SSO by developing a common list of candidates. was labelled "very conservative" by political scientist Tomáš Lebeda in an interview with Lidové noviny (22 January 2009).

According to Lebeda, the party is likely to engage in "right-wing populism" in the election campaign and thus compete for voters with Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek's Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

However, Lebeda believes that ODS voters are unlikely to migrate to in great numbers. A survey by ODS shows that is expected to gain some 5% of the vote in June, 20% of which will come from former ODS voters, 25% from former CSSD (Social Democrats) voters and 30% from undecideds.

SSO was founded by Petr Mach, director of the Centre for Economics and Politics, a think-tank established by Vaclav Klaus in 1998. The party opposes the adoption of the euro, as well as the Lisbon Treaty.

Mach said in an interview that he would seek a referendum as late as 2016 or 2017 on the issue of adopting the common currency by 1 January 2020. He has also stated that he would vote against adopting the euro and would recommend citizens to vote 'no'. 53% of Czechs support monetary union.

No considerable shifts in policies on Europe have been observed by any of the major parties currently represented in the Czech parliament. Meanwhile, Jan Zahradil will again top the list of ODS candidates, which suggests a continuation of current Civic Democratic policies.
The CSSD's goal is to gain at least eight of the 22 seats open for Czech MEPs. This was made clear by the party's chair, Jiří Paroubek. CSSD currently polls between 35% and 40%, making it the leading party in the Czech Republic. CSSD won last year's regional and senate elections. Lebeda also expressed concern that there would be too many small parties running in June.
He said that the liberal right would once again fail to find common ground and fail to unite in order to become stronger and more competitive. The appeal of the elections to the general public is expected to be low.

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Ganley resolves injuction against Village
Last Updated: 11 February 2009 17:43
Libertas chairman Declan Ganley has resolved injunction proceedings against Village Magazine over an article that includes a quote from Government Minister Dick Roche describing Mr Ganley as a ‘snake-oil salesman’.
Mr Ganley also claimed the article contained other untrue and serious allegations that bore the meaning that he, through his conduct concerning telecommunications contracts in Iraq, is responsible through corruption for the deaths of many police officers and soldiers.
In an affidavit, Mr Ganley said all of the allegations made were ‘totally and utterly untrue’, without foundation and were ‘a deliberate attempt at character assassination’.
He said his credibility and reputation are central both to his involvement in Libertas and to his professional life and Village had called these into question ‘and in fact goes further in that it expressly states that I am a fraud and a liar’, he said.
Following publication of the article, titled ‘The Beginning of the End for Declan Ganley’ in the magazine's edition of 6 February, Mr Ganley initiated libel proceedings against Ormond Quay Publishing Ltd, publishers of Village.
Prior to the hearing of the action, his counsel Peter Finlay SC applied yesterday for an interim injunction requiring all copies of Village to be removed from shops and also requiring the article to be removed from the magazine's website.
Counsel also said he would be seeking to join the magazine's editor, Michael Smith, and the author of the article, Kevin Barrington, to the action.
However, after talks between the sides, Mr Finlay told Mr Justice John MacMenamin the parties had come to a resolution of the differences between them and he was happy for Eoin McCullough SC, for the defendants, to read an agreed statement to the court and for the case to be adjourned for two weeks.
The agreed statement said: ‘The Village Magazine strongly upholds its right to engage in vigorous investigation and comment on matters of public interest. Mr Ganley not only supports, but advocates, this right.
‘The Village however acknowledges that, given the opportunity, it would have been preferable to have interviewed Mr Ganley before publishing serious allegations about him. It has now been afforded this opportunity and will in its next edition, record and publish accurately the answers given by Mr Ganley in a wide ranging interview relating to both the issues giving rise to these proceedings and to other issues of interest to Mr Ganley and to the public.’
The case was then adjourned by the judge for two weeks.
Village article
Earlier, in outlining the application, Mr Finlay told Mr Justice Roderick Murphy he was seeking the injunction in the context of a libel action arising from publication of the ‘hugely defamatory’ article in Village.
Counsel said the ‘most outrageous’ claims were made about Mr Ganley, suggesting he was a liar who had engaged in behaviour to covertly influence a telecomunications contract during the war in Iraq.
The suggestion was Mr Ganley had schemed in such a way as to the cause the deaths of soldiers and police officers in Iraq, some of whom could have been saved were it not for Mr Ganley's activities relating to the contract, counsel said.
Such claims were untrue and were deliberately made to malign the reputation of Mr Ganley, Mr Finlay said.
Mr Finlay also said the cover of the Village Magazine edition was headlined ‘The Celtic Rats’ and had a sub-heading, ‘Declan Ganley, Snake oil Salesman’.
This related to a quote attributed to Minister for European Affairs Dick Roche, which was included at the end of the article complained of.
Mr Roche was quoted as saying: ‘Declan Ganley is a liar, a self-mythologiser, a snake-oil salesman.’
All of this material was libellous and untrue, counsel said.

The original of this article from RTE can be seen if you CLICK HERE

I have used the RTE details on this as I have absolutely no desire to accidentally, due to misunderstanding defame Declan Ganley and RTE have better sources than I have!

However reading the article it is astonishing how many of the comments printed by Village Magazine struck a chord with the comments I have made.

I have absolutelly no reason to trust this man and seeing those he is gathering around him there does indeed seem to be something of a cross between the Messianic and the snake oil salesman. He is not the type of man I would play 'spot the lady' with as I just have this feeling if I hit a winning streak he would be on his toes.

Whether it is his willingness to risk his Country and dilute the opposition to The NO Vote in the referendum or his unwillingness to give credit where it was due in the last referendum round to Prof. Anthony Coglan I don't know.

I'm dieing to hear him say something I might believe or trust, I have a feeling that is as unlikely as hearing Michael Palin swear at someone and be beastly to them or Peter Mandelson sound genuine and say something pleasant or David Cameron actually be someone inside that hollow shell - perhaps Nigel Farage would say something he actually believed and put it in writing.

Is it just that ALL politiciansd are dodgey? Perhaps it is because Charles Lynton was an oleagenous liar without ANY morality or that I would trust Anthony Butcher as far as I could kick him yet Ganley's people have not seen through him yet - his clear lack of morality, integrity or ethics as far as I have noted! But who in their right mind would have Bonde anywhere near them in a position of trust - it is either a scam or Ganley IS a fool.

Time will tell but although The Village were proven wrong in Court I note there was an accomodation reached!

Answer one question - why is this man telling lies about being pro EU membership but pretending it can be changed. As I said when I first hear of him Tory Lite with a dash of Irish Lilt - more froth than substance a Shandy you can never work out the content of or why people drink it!

I feel sorry for the naiive, the gullible and the desparate who WILL be succoured in by this scam.

Read The Treaties his offer is disingenuous - surely he has not made that much money yet remained an idiot so we must conclude there is an ulterior motive.

Hey ho - politics seems to attract duplicity and evil were it to attract those with integrity and a moral code, ethics and generosity we would have a better world by far.

I just can't stop puzzling just what is the scam - is it Just publicity or a new toy?

But I've NEVER trusted man's fundamental determination to invent gods to blame and believe in. I've seen such evil done in the name of Gods - look at Zionism in Palestine, Catholicism world wide, Islam to its own etc. etc.

Greg L-W.

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#L012 - Contradictions in Libertas stance may prove its undoing

Contradictions in Libertas stance may prove its undoing


Irish Times Tuesday 10-Feb-2009

The fiasco of Libertas’s funding application has been a bad start to its election campaign, writes JAMIE SMYTH

HAVE THE wheels fallen off Declan Ganley’s European adventure? This is the question people in Brussels are asking after last week’s fiasco when Libertas initially won formal status as an European political party from the European Parliament only to see the decision rescinded a few hours later when serious questions began to be raised about the legitimacy of its political backers.

Under an EU regulation that entered force in 2004, Libertas needs seven signatures from national or European politicians from different EU states to win recognition and access to EU funds to help it campaign in June’s European elections. Ganley has scoured Europe over the past three months seeking willing recruits for Libertas, which he hopes can claim up to 30 MEP seats in the parliament by campaigning on an anti-Lisbon Treaty ticket.

At last week’s Strasbourg plenary it seemed the businessman turned political campaigner had the seven political names in the bag. A bureau of senior MEPs in the parliament ruled on Monday that Libertas should be granted formal status and €200,000 funding to help it campaign in the elections. Nine other European political parties – most attached to existing political groups in the parliament such as the Liberals or Socialists – were also recognised, receiving in total almost €10 million in EU funds.

But by Tuesday morning the Liberal group were asking questions about one of the names on the Libertas list of backers. Igor Grazin, a member of the Estonian parliament, is from the Estonian Reform Party, which is already linked to the Liberals’ European party.

When they questioned Grazin about his signature, he denied he had ever signed Libertas’s application and quickly sent a signed affidavit to the parliament authorities to that effect.
“Mr Ganley appears to have fallen at the first hurdle. Apparently his claim to have recruited enough supporters was untrue. What Europe really needs is a bit more veritas and a lot less Libertas,” said British Liberal MEP Andrew Duff, who jubilantly announced the Libertas hiccup to the European media.

Libertas retorted with a strong statement alleging a conspiracy against them perpetrated by pro-European forces. It also published photographs showing the signature of Grazin on the documents supporting their application to become a European party, and thereby eligible for EU taxpayers’ cash.

“It might be a coincidence or a conscious effort to intimidate those who expressly support the advancement of democracy. . . We deplore the corrupt, dishonest and anti-democratic forces that are pushing them to renounce their support,” said Libertas, which added that it could provide new signatures.

Yet within hours of this statement arriving in reporters’ e-mails, a second Libertas backer was denying that he ever signed its application. Bulgarian MEP Mincho Kuminev, told The Irish Times he hadn’t signed any document and was not supporting Ganley’s Libertas or any other “foreign party”.

To lose one political backer may be deemed unlucky but to lose two in 24 hours seems careless, noted senior MEPs in Strasbourg, who ordered an investigation by the parliament’s bureau. Parliamentary officials will now contact all seven names on the list to try to “verify the situation” before official status or any EU funding is released to Ganley’s organisation.

There is no doubt that the episode has damaged Libertas, which looks as if it is having difficulty signing up and maintaining supporters in the myriad of countries it is trying to campaign in. But it has also damaged the parliament, which initially waved through €200,000 worth of EU funds without checking the bona fides of each signatory.

Several MEPs on the bureau, including Northern Ireland’s Jim Nicholson, asked for a temporary delay to allow further checks on the application but their concerns were dismissed. This raises questions over the management of the European party funding scheme, worth some €15 million of taxpayers’ money in 2009.

What perhaps is more surprising is why Libertas even bothered to apply to the parliament for official sanction as a political party. The €200,000 the group may be granted is small potatoes when compared to the €75 million Ganley says he needs to mount a successful EU-wide campaign. Libertas doesn’t need the EU status to run candidates in member states, as it can rely on national registration. Official status would also impose rules on fundraising, although given the lack of checks on its application it is doubtful that these would ever be properly enforced.

Yet by applying to become a recognised European political party, Libertas has had to rush to cobble together a rag-tag band of political supporters that could end up scaring potential moderate voters away.

The handful of Libertas supporters named in the media so far include a colourful array of Eurosceptic, anti-immigration and Catholic fundamentalists such as French MEP Philippe de Villiers, Finnish MP Timo Soini and Polish assemblyman Cyprian Gutkowski. Yet despite this Ganley continues to preach his love for the EU, even warning delegates attending a religious conference held in Ireland at the weekend that one should “never become a Eurosceptic”.

Ultimately it may be this glaring inconsistency rather than its bid for EU funding that causes the wheels to come off Libertas in the June elections.

To view the original CLICK HERE
It is sad that Ganleys's latest ego trip/toy
which has clearly come about from the publicity he gained helping Eire resist imposition of the new EU Contitution now called The Lisbon Constitution Treaty, the foundations for rejection having clearly been laid by Prof. Anthony Coglan.

There have been many who have come late to the realisation of the massive damage being done to liberty, Justice, Sovereignty and the basic human right of Self Determination as the undemocratic centralised supra national EU imposes its mallign control on vassal states - region by region.

Declan Ganley's new Toy is founded on dishonesty, self importance, ego and ambition.

It is an outrage that this man without any clear understanding of The EU has not taken sufficient time to study the facts and realise that the EU structure is cast in stone - The Treaties signed are NOT alterably democratically they require 2/3 by QMV to relax a single diktat.

Does this foolish man despite his great personal wealth understand the FACT is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.

Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:




It has been my contention from the start that Declan Ganley is just playing at politics.

He has announced he is fronting, for there seems little sign of leadership! a pro EU membership Party - yet clearly he has read none of the documentation and is thus duping the public. We HOPE out of naivitee and not merely as a vehicle for yet another scam on the tax payers - surely The EU is adequate of a scam in its own right without another gang of parasites climbing on the Gravy Train!

Clearly he is a poor judge of character as he has taken to his bosom the very dubious Jens Piers Bonde and it now seems has permitted the deeply flawed Anthony Butcher to manage aspects of his IT - which is surprising when one realises Declan Ganley made a great deal of money and still own a flourishing IT business in Eire and beyond.

Anthony Butcher has set up an inoficial blog, similar to this Blog but he claims to be sanctioned by Ganley! We understand he has a job and is drawing up all sorts of policy documents and a Constitution and Manifesto for Libertas - May we suggest Ganley or someone with some clear understanding of principles, ethics and integrity has a close look at Anthony Butcher's output and activities, as to date he has had little understanding of such concepts.

It is noted that for several years Anthony Butcher has happily rolled over to instructions from EUkip a party openly espousing leaving the EU. It would seem Butcher has dumped those principles and found a new set! This may gain him self importance in his shaving mirror but his presence like that of Bonde gives little reason for confidence in the morality of Declan Ganley's new toy!

We note that the so called 'Libertas' has loudly proclaimed its Adoption by the EU as a Political Party with adequate signatures to garner 200,000 EUro of tax payers money - for what seems from the web site to be little more than an advertising site and potential profit centre for the vending of Ganley's IT and Telecom services!

Yet we note that the EU on the 05-Feb-2009

Made the following Press Announcement regarding Ganley's toy:

European recognition of Libertas suspended pending check on signatures

Institutions - 05-02-2009 - 16:19
At its meeting today, the European Parliament's Conference of Presidents asked the institution's administration to verify the validity of the signatures submitted by Libertas in its application for registration as a European political party.

On Monday, the Parliament's Bureau (comprised of its President and 14 Vice Presidents) had approved an application by Libertas to register as a "political party at European level". Since then, two of the signatories - Mr Igor Gräzin, Member of the Estonian Parliament and Mr Mintcho Hristov Kouminev, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament - have denied signing for the purpose of registering a political party at European level, thereby casting doubt on the validity of their signatures. Given the Parliament's legal obligation to verify that the conditions for registration are fully and properly met, on a continuing basis, the Conference of Presidents, which brings together the leaders of all the political groups, discussed this matter at its meeting today.

The Conference of Presidents asked the Parliament's administration to look into the issue in detail as a matter of urgency. The administration will contact all the European, national and regional law-makers whose signatures were submitted by Libertas, when it applied for the status of political party at European level, in order to verify the situation. In the interim, the release of funds to Libertas has been put on hold. If the Bureau concludes that Libertas has correctly fulfilled the legal requirements, then its recognition as a European political party will proceed in the normal way.

REF. : 20090205IPR48560

To view the original on The EU Web Site CLICK HERE

Surely for the EUroRealist & EUroSceptics to have been betrayed already by The Faragista Fan Club, and his befouled EUkip, has done more than enough damage to the hopes and aspirations of those who realise the need for these United Kingdoms to leave The EU.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper: