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Ganley resolves injuction against Village
Last Updated: 11 February 2009 17:43
Libertas chairman Declan Ganley has resolved injunction proceedings against Village Magazine over an article that includes a quote from Government Minister Dick Roche describing Mr Ganley as a ‘snake-oil salesman’.
Mr Ganley also claimed the article contained other untrue and serious allegations that bore the meaning that he, through his conduct concerning telecommunications contracts in Iraq, is responsible through corruption for the deaths of many police officers and soldiers.
In an affidavit, Mr Ganley said all of the allegations made were ‘totally and utterly untrue’, without foundation and were ‘a deliberate attempt at character assassination’.
He said his credibility and reputation are central both to his involvement in Libertas and to his professional life and Village had called these into question ‘and in fact goes further in that it expressly states that I am a fraud and a liar’, he said.
Following publication of the article, titled ‘The Beginning of the End for Declan Ganley’ in the magazine's edition of 6 February, Mr Ganley initiated libel proceedings against Ormond Quay Publishing Ltd, publishers of Village.
Prior to the hearing of the action, his counsel Peter Finlay SC applied yesterday for an interim injunction requiring all copies of Village to be removed from shops and also requiring the article to be removed from the magazine's website.
Counsel also said he would be seeking to join the magazine's editor, Michael Smith, and the author of the article, Kevin Barrington, to the action.
However, after talks between the sides, Mr Finlay told Mr Justice John MacMenamin the parties had come to a resolution of the differences between them and he was happy for Eoin McCullough SC, for the defendants, to read an agreed statement to the court and for the case to be adjourned for two weeks.
The agreed statement said: ‘The Village Magazine strongly upholds its right to engage in vigorous investigation and comment on matters of public interest. Mr Ganley not only supports, but advocates, this right.
‘The Village however acknowledges that, given the opportunity, it would have been preferable to have interviewed Mr Ganley before publishing serious allegations about him. It has now been afforded this opportunity and will in its next edition, record and publish accurately the answers given by Mr Ganley in a wide ranging interview relating to both the issues giving rise to these proceedings and to other issues of interest to Mr Ganley and to the public.’
The case was then adjourned by the judge for two weeks.
Village article
Earlier, in outlining the application, Mr Finlay told Mr Justice Roderick Murphy he was seeking the injunction in the context of a libel action arising from publication of the ‘hugely defamatory’ article in Village.
Counsel said the ‘most outrageous’ claims were made about Mr Ganley, suggesting he was a liar who had engaged in behaviour to covertly influence a telecomunications contract during the war in Iraq.
The suggestion was Mr Ganley had schemed in such a way as to the cause the deaths of soldiers and police officers in Iraq, some of whom could have been saved were it not for Mr Ganley's activities relating to the contract, counsel said.
Such claims were untrue and were deliberately made to malign the reputation of Mr Ganley, Mr Finlay said.
Mr Finlay also said the cover of the Village Magazine edition was headlined ‘The Celtic Rats’ and had a sub-heading, ‘Declan Ganley, Snake oil Salesman’.
This related to a quote attributed to Minister for European Affairs Dick Roche, which was included at the end of the article complained of.
Mr Roche was quoted as saying: ‘Declan Ganley is a liar, a self-mythologiser, a snake-oil salesman.’
All of this material was libellous and untrue, counsel said.

The original of this article from RTE can be seen if you CLICK HERE

I have used the RTE details on this as I have absolutely no desire to accidentally, due to misunderstanding defame Declan Ganley and RTE have better sources than I have!

However reading the article it is astonishing how many of the comments printed by Village Magazine struck a chord with the comments I have made.

I have absolutelly no reason to trust this man and seeing those he is gathering around him there does indeed seem to be something of a cross between the Messianic and the snake oil salesman. He is not the type of man I would play 'spot the lady' with as I just have this feeling if I hit a winning streak he would be on his toes.

Whether it is his willingness to risk his Country and dilute the opposition to The NO Vote in the referendum or his unwillingness to give credit where it was due in the last referendum round to Prof. Anthony Coglan I don't know.

I'm dieing to hear him say something I might believe or trust, I have a feeling that is as unlikely as hearing Michael Palin swear at someone and be beastly to them or Peter Mandelson sound genuine and say something pleasant or David Cameron actually be someone inside that hollow shell - perhaps Nigel Farage would say something he actually believed and put it in writing.

Is it just that ALL politiciansd are dodgey? Perhaps it is because Charles Lynton was an oleagenous liar without ANY morality or that I would trust Anthony Butcher as far as I could kick him yet Ganley's people have not seen through him yet - his clear lack of morality, integrity or ethics as far as I have noted! But who in their right mind would have Bonde anywhere near them in a position of trust - it is either a scam or Ganley IS a fool.

Time will tell but although The Village were proven wrong in Court I note there was an accomodation reached!

Answer one question - why is this man telling lies about being pro EU membership but pretending it can be changed. As I said when I first hear of him Tory Lite with a dash of Irish Lilt - more froth than substance a Shandy you can never work out the content of or why people drink it!

I feel sorry for the naiive, the gullible and the desparate who WILL be succoured in by this scam.

Read The Treaties his offer is disingenuous - surely he has not made that much money yet remained an idiot so we must conclude there is an ulterior motive.

Hey ho - politics seems to attract duplicity and evil were it to attract those with integrity and a moral code, ethics and generosity we would have a better world by far.

I just can't stop puzzling just what is the scam - is it Just publicity or a new toy?

But I've NEVER trusted man's fundamental determination to invent gods to blame and believe in. I've seen such evil done in the name of Gods - look at Zionism in Palestine, Catholicism world wide, Islam to its own etc. etc.

Greg L-W.

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Barricade said...

The Village were not proven wrong in court.
Ganley sought to have the magazine taken off the shelves as a primary move in an alleged libel case.
He failed to have the magazine removed.
Re the alleged libel:
An agreement was reached whereby Ganley was to get a right to reply in a wide-ranging interview in the next edition of the Village.
Ganley reneged on this agreement.
He tried to pass off a piece of "print fellatio" as the interview. We published it as a "non-interview" and publicly stated we would not pay the author.
No honest man would have let us walk away unscathed. See the whole affair here:
Ganley reneged on the agreement.