Friday, 19 December 2008

Many A Fortune Has Been Lost On Ill Conceived Ego Trips!

We will commence regular commentary when something of significance commences.

At the moment it is hard not to believe that Libertas knows less about what it is doing than does its audience!

We note that as yet they seem not to have registered themselves as a Political Party in The UK. would seem to have some strange concepts of Politics.

No Manifesto seems to be available.

The Constitution is seemingly unwritten.

The Launch is seemingly planned for February though they seem utterly unprepared and may well find it collides with the electoral period being technically within 4 months of the election!!

There are no offices, no phones & no structure.

Britain requires some 8 or 9 people on a dozen lists as candidates (about 100) - as yet to be selected/elected!

One is forced to ask has Declan Ganley the vaguest notion as to what he is doing - besides making money from the Libertas web site selling lesbian sex toys and on his .EU site - Telecom Services!

It rather looks at the moment like one retired 1/2 Col. and a few of his mess chums who couldn't find jobs on retirement - as there doesn't seem to be any visible political insight nor overly much vision and less plan!

We shall see!

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