Wednesday, 11 March 2009

#L018* The Great LAUNCH - PLOP!

#L018* The Great LAUNCH - PLOP!


I wonder why Libertas are you building their campaign on change?

Clearly Libertas are founded on a pack of lies - this is morally reprehensible.

Do please beg them to go and do some homework as it is clear they haven't a clue what you are talking about, as they stumble their way through reading their ill rehearsed speach.

Declan Ganley bizzarrely claims that The EU has been one of the greatest of peace making forces!!! What planet does this dangerous fool live on.

Has Libertas looked at the massive EU spend of OUR money on armament, centralising control for EUroPol & The Rapid Repression Army and it doesn't matter if you call it Mary Anne it is a centralised army unaccountable to the people.

He may also have seen arms being centralised in France (rocketry (Arian) & Aircraft production also, perhaps he hasn't noticed Britain no longer even makes ammunition and we were nearly defeated in The Falkland War because France supplied Argentina with Exocetes and brought pressure on Belgium to starve us of .762 rimless ammunition.

Peace YOU JEST - Declan are you a naiive fool or a dangerous liar - there is no other position you can claim. This has all the PEACE of Ireland in WWII as pacifists yet they harboured the wolf pack flottillas of U-Boats & The Propaganda of William Joyce + an endless stream of intel. for Nazi France & Germany.

Do tell me ONE phrase in the 100s of 1,000s of pages of EU Diktat - where does it say the people have a say?

Where does it say the direction of the evil dream can be changed?

I very much doubt if ANYONE in Libertas has read:
'The Mad Officials', 'The Castle of Lies' or 'The Great Deception' by Dr. Richard North & Christopher Booker
'The Rotten Heart of EUrope' by Bernard Connolley
Sir John Gubb's 'The Fate of Empires'
& it seems certain they have absolutely no concept of nor have they read 'The Elysee Treaty' and one even wonders if they have understanding of the role of The Frankfurt School, Altiero Spinelli, The Fabians, Jean Monnet,The Cathars/Knights Templar/Knights of St. John/Masons nor the role of The Vatican - No I thought not!

You have clearly missed the plot and lost the point.
If you do NOT believe in evil dismantle the EU, it will not and does not negotiate - like a giant snake it weaves its way through all of life swallowing all before it and just like a giant constrictor it takes small incremental bites crushing as it goes but never releasing one slice that it has to date consumed.

I believe that Declan Ganley's naiivite or deceit verges on the criminal and the deliberate blindness of his central team says more of their desire to get their one hand in his pocket and the other in the Gravy on the train they aim to mount.

The Question and answer session is even more embarrassing and it is clear that this 1/2 Colnel he has dug up hasn't a clue what he is talking about and I fear Declan Ganley seem to have no policy but dreams and no aim but to stand on the necks of the EUroSceptics for his gain.

He is right to stamp out EUkip as clearly they have gone native and are, as he clearly alludes, merely usefull idiots for the EU. Attacking an enemy by standing on the bodies of the vanquised and the slaves is no stance of glory and unsettles the footing of any force but Ganley clearly is no force for he has no vision and is running on Tory Light and an easy going personna masking a driven ego - how else did he make his Millions?

Do leave your informed comments on each of his little video clips.

His great launch would seem to have been little more than a 'plop' and it looks much as if he will destabilise much, achieve little and sink without trace on June 5th. Having fatally wounded the Eire campaign against The Lisbon Treaty and thus been no more than another Useful Idiot on whose neck The EU's next chosen Jesters stand!

Greg L-W.

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